Snap Button DIY Kit (150 Pcs) Gadgets DearSnowdrop
Snap Button DIY Kit (150 Pcs) Gadgets DearSnowdrop
Snap Button DIY Kit (150 Pcs) Gadgets DearSnowdrop
Snap Button DIY Kit (150 Pcs) Gadgets DearSnowdrop
Snap Button DIY Kit (150 Pcs) Gadgets DearSnowdrop

Snap Button DIY Kit (150 Pcs)

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Our Snap Button DIY Kit styles up your clothes with high-quality colorful snaps. 

Widely applied on clothing, craft, utensils and other embroidery household projects made with various materials, such as fabrics, leather and plastic, the kit is a true money saver for expensive tailors

Comes with a set of user-friendly tools, the rust-resistant plastic snaps can be installed in just seconds. Even your kids can easily manage DIY projects. Let's spend more parent-child time to enjoy craftsmanship together!


  • Skin-friendly Plastic Snap Buttons: 
    High-quality and anti-rust snap fasteners even being washed and dried by machine.
  • One Kit Fits All Household Projects: 
    Perfect to apply on baby diapers, towels, children's clothing, jacket, backpack, hat, shoes, bag, diy, handicrafts, handmade cardstock, etc. made with different materials

  • Easy to Use: 
    For each snap, simply insert one cap and one socket on the hole on fabric, place the cap in the pliers and squeeze, finished.

  • Versatile Use:
    From beginners to professional tailors, great kit to meet all kinds of craftsman purposes.

  • Snap Button Pliers
    Compatible with T3, T5, and T8 snap, for your convenient usage.

  • Stylish yet Practical:
    Comes with colorful rainbow colors to make your clothes and handicrafts become trendy without sacrificing its functions 

  • Parent-child Happiness
    DIY with your kids to beautify your clothes and utensils together and help them develop intelligence.


  • Step 1: For each snap, you will need two caps, one socket and one stud. 
  • Step 2: Choose your spot to install the snap and use awl to make a small hole on fabric. 
  • Step 3: Insert one cap and one socket into the pliers and line up with the hole you made with your awl.
  • Step 4: Repeat this step with one cap and one stud where you plan to install the other side of your snap. 
  • Step 5: Make sure cap is centered and seated in die tray and squeeze pliers firmly. 
  • Step 6: Once you have each side of your snap installed, the socket and stud will click together. Repeat Step 5 if either side feels loose.


  • Snap diameter: 12 mm (T5 size) 
  • Snaps colors: Rainbow Colors
  • Material: Plastic and Carbon steel


  • 150 pcs x T5 plastic snaps buttons
  • 1 x Snap Pliers 
  • 2 x Press Button Head
  • 2 x Base
  • 1 x Screwdriver 
  • 1 x Awl
  • 1 x Press Button Helper