Nano Magic Double-Sided Tape
Nano Magic Double-Sided Tape
Nano Magic Double-Sided Tape
Nano Magic Double-Sided Tape
Nano Magic Double-Sided Tape
Nano Magic Double-Sided Tape

Nano Magic Double-Sided Tape

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Hang Your Things Without Using Nails

There’s no question about it, hanging household items like pictures, paintings, hooks, etc. isn’t an exact science. If you are like most people, you have probably learned the hard way – through trial and error. However, there are several factors that can make this process a bit easier. One of these is using a strong adhesive tape.

Let us introduce to you the Nano Magic Double-Sided Tape. It's a revolutionary new tape that is excellent to use for attaching various items onto a broad range of surfaces. Strong enough to hold an incredible 5kg item in any location! The new Nano Advanced-grip Technology tape that instantly locks anything into place without screws or anchors! It also doesn’t leave any residue and travel after peeling it off.

What else are you waiting for? Hang heavy pictures onto any surface in a flash. Use it outdoors to mount anything without nails or screws. It's tough and stands up to the elements. Perfect for decorating your house!


  • Strong Viscosity:
    Through new Nano Technology and adaptable material it holds on all surfaces. It can hold up to 5kg on any surface so that you can arbitrarily attach anything, such as pictures, paintings, hooks, decorations, wall hangings, kitchen tools, etc.

  • Easy to Cut :
    Easily cut to any size and length you want! It can be stretched, bending and folded out of shape to meet your needs.

  • No Marks & Trace:
    This double sided adhesive tape can be removed and leave no trace, that is suitable for any surface.

  • Multipurpose Double Sided Tape:
    It can be used in many places and solve all kinds of clutter, such as wall decoration, car decoration, carpet, fixed kitchen tools, tidying, etc.

  • Can Be Reused:
    The double sided tape is safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and recyclable. When the double sided tape gets dirty, you can wash it and dry it to regain stickiness.



  • Size: 15 mm x 3 m x 1mm
  • Material: Acrylic

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Nano Magic Double-Sided Tape
  • or 2 x Nano Magic Double-Sided Tape