Motion Sensor Night Light
Motion Sensor Night Light
Motion Sensor Night Light
Motion Sensor Night Light
Motion Sensor Night Light
Motion Sensor Night Light

Motion Sensor Night Light

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Light Up Every Corner Of Your Home At Night!

One of the biggest risks for elders and children is falling, which becomes an even greater hazard in the dark. For aging adults, the risk of falling is even more heightened by reduced eyesight, loss of balance and mobility, and slower reaction times. Proper lighting is absolutely essential for those who wish to age in place and live a safe, independent life.

With the use of Motion Sensor Night Light, this ensures that you, your kids, elders or guests can safely walk around your residence at night without any difficulty. It’s 100° angle and sensing range of upto 3 meters will surely guide you on your path. Attached by a magnet, you can detach it anytime and carry it in hand. 

There are many areas within your home that can be dangerous if you try to navigate them in the dark.  The motor sensor allows the lamp to light up when you come and turns off after you leave, which ensures a long working hour. With this smart night lamp, your kids or elderly will not lose their footing in the dark anymore!


  • Motion Sensor:
    Sensing a range of up to 3 meters, it automatically turns on when motion is detected and shuts off after 20 seconds of inactivity

  • Standard Colors:
    The LED night light offers two lighting colors: warm and white color

  • Sleep-friendly:
    It emits soft lighting which makes it easier to fall asleep and has been proven to not disrupt sleep too

  • Convenient Power Method:
    It is powered by 3 AAA batteries to make it portable and convenient to use

  • Highly Efficient & Useful:
    Ideal night light for the hallway, closet, stairs, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, drawer, nursery, camping, etc

  • Energy Saving:
    Extremely low energy consumption

  • Durable:
    Compact and robust construction

  • Creative Magnetic Base Design:
    It can be easily removed from the magnetic base and used as a flashlight

  • Easy To Install:
    Simple to install, no hard-wiring and cables required, you can stick the double-sided adhesive anywhere or just put it on any metal surface.


  • Sensor Distance: About 3-6M
  • Sensor Angle: 120 Degrees
  • Delay Time: About 20 Seconds
  • Power: 0.8W
  • Material: ABS + Magnetic Iron
  • Emitted Color: Warm/ White
  • Size: 86*18mm

Package Included:

  • Motion Sensor Night Light