Disc Folding Reusable Eco Bag
Disc Folding Reusable Eco Bag
Disc Folding Reusable Eco Bag
Disc Folding Reusable Eco Bag
Disc Folding Reusable Eco Bag
Disc Folding Reusable Eco Bag

Disc Folding Reusable Eco Bag

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A Shopping Bag That Brings Out The Fashion In You

One of the main and most important advantages of a reusable grocery bag is that it can be used over and over again. This avoids the need of buying a new bag each time you go grocery shopping. Another major benefit of using such bags is that they avoid the negative impact made to the environment by using plastic or paper bags. Thus it is safe to say that these bags help protect the environment in a big way.

Whether you’ve been shopping or popping into the grocery store, our Disc Folding Reusable Eco Bag is far more practical than folding shopping bags, which can be fiddly to pack away. Just pull the bag to unroll to its full size! After use, simply rotate the coil and the bag will roll up neatly and completely disappear into its small case right?

Thanks to the large capacity, the bag can carry 2 times more stuff compared with traditional bags while it is strongly wear-proof. Hang it on a belt loop or store it in a jeans pocket for anywhere and anytime uses! It at the same time serves as a fashion item that matches nicely with your outfit!


  • BYOB - An eco-friendly yet fashionable alternative to plastic that will last a long time

  • Easy Folding & Storing - Comes with a unique round case that “rolls” your eco bag inside, small enough to be hung on jeans or carried in jeans pocket

  • Large Capacity - Can withstand several items without splitting and falling apart, almost can meet all your daily needs to store

  • Stylish and Cool - Comes in a fashionable design to match with your outfit, which looks far more stylish than traditional ones
  • High-Quality Materials - Anti-impact, anti-pressure, wear-resistant, and durable for long term use
  • Widely Used - Can be used for shopping, sports, traveling and other outdoor activities


  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: 12.99 x 3.54 x 15.75 in
  • Colors: Black, Pink, Red, Orange, Blue

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Disc Folding Reusable Eco Bag