Mad Dog Tricky Toy
Mad Dog Tricky Toy
Mad Dog Tricky Toy
Mad Dog Tricky Toy
Mad Dog Tricky Toy

Mad Dog Tricky Toy

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Shhhh...ūü§ę Don't wake the angry dog!¬†ūüź∂

Our Mad Dog Tricky Toy is a fun way to cheer up your kids and entertain your guests in Christmas party!
Players use a clip looks like a cat's paw to try and steal the most bones without waking the angry pooch. Beware of the dog but his bark is worse than his bite! This tricky toy can also improve children's precise hand-eye coordination in nerve wracking situation. 
It's a suspenseful skill and action game that will keep children giggling and parents shrieking. Let the chuckles, snorts, giggles, and laughs begin within your family, friends and colleagues! 

  • Fill This Xmas With Excitement :
    It is always interesting to see the funny reactions of your family, friends or colleagues, let you fill with surprise, joy and laughter with your beloved ones.

  • Easy To Play :
    Simply steal the most bones without waking the angry pooch. See who's gonna be the big winner! 

  • Train Up Kids' Reaction :
    Improve children's precise hand-eye coordination in nerve wracking situation. 

  • Safe & Non-toxic :
    Made of 100% non-toxic high-quality ABS plastic to allows children to play safely.

  • Perfect for Parties or Anytime :
    Want to create unforgettable memories in special occasions? Here it comes the creepy animal in the party!

  • Suspenseful Skill & Action Game :
    Suitable for all age groups, perfect for age 3-80 family members to have fun together! 

  • Most Surprising Gift Ever :¬†
    A fun, inexpensive, and unique tricky toy to let the chuckles, snorts, giggles, and laughs begin.


  1. Set up rules for players, e.g. quantities and colors of bones that each player have to take.
  2. After press the dog‚Äôs body, lightly tum its head rightwards until the ‚Äúclick‚ÄĚ sound occurs so as to make it sleep.
  3. Mix various colors of bones well together, place them in the dog bowl and then push the switch hung on the dog bowl rightwards to start up the power supply.
  4. Take the bones away from the dog bowl according to the colors and quantities under the rules.
  5. If the dog is waken up in the processing of taking out the bones, dog will stand up suddenly, and bark with an awful sound, the one who wake up the dog will be knocked out of the game.
  6. The board game keeps going until the last one left who win the game!


  • Material : High-quality ABS Plastic¬†
  • Dimension :¬†12 x 7.5 x 17 cm
  • Battery Type : 3pc x 1.5v AAA Battery


  • 1pc x¬†Mad Dog Tricky Toy